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Payments can be made quickly and easily with iDEAL, Bancontact or SEPA and transactions are processed almost immediately (also during the weekend).

Safe and reliable

SATOS has more than 5 years of experience in buying and selling ripple and your cryptocurrency remains in your own control.

24/7 Support

SATOS offers live help and support via chat and telephone, 7 days a week! We are happy to help you on your way with buying ripple.

How to buy Ripple (XRP)

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Create a Ripple wallet

It’s SATOS’ goal to make cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible. This also means offering a simple buying and selling process. For instance, you do not need to create a SATOS account to trade in cryptocurrencies. In principle, the only thing you require to buy Ripple is a Ripple wallet. You will need a wallet for us to transfer your purchased XRP to you (XRP is the name of the coin of the Ripple protocol). Compare it to a digital bank account, with the additional feature that you are the one in charge.

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Place a Ripple order

After you have created your wallet, there's not much more that needs to occur before you can place and finalise your SATOS order. We will first ask you to enter the amount of Ripple you would like to buy. Once you have entered an amount, you will be shown a real-time exchange rate. Do you agree with the proposed rate? Then click on ‘Place order’. You will then proceed to a screen in which we ask of you to enter your email address and your Ripple recipient address (i.e. the address displayed in your Ripple wallet).

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Buying Ripple with iDEAL

By now, you have already arrived at the final step of the purchase process: paying for your order. SATOS allows payments through iDEAL, Bancontact, and SEPA. We encourage you to use iDEAL because this generally ensures that you will receive the purchase in your wallet within just a few minutes. Did you finish all these steps? Congratulations! Within a few minutes, you will be the proud owner of your very first cryptocurrencies! Awesome, right?

Why do people buy XRP - Ripple?

Large and well known

People invest in Ripple because it's one of the largest and most well-known projects of the crypto industry.

Promising technology

Ripple is of interest to many investors because of the promising technology behind the project, which may eventually enable it to transform Ripple into the international payment platform of the future.


People also purchase Ripple because of the partnerships the project has with major banking companies.

Enormous rate fluctuations

Buying Ripple is also popular because of the enormous rate fluctuations and accompanying profits, caused by the coin's high volatility.


People use SATOS to buy Ripple because it's easy, and you can conveniently pay with iDEAL.

Strong team

Finally, the strong team behind Ripple is another reason why many opt to purchase XRP.

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Remain in charge of your own Ripple wallet

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Control of your fortunes

At SATOS, we consider it crucial that people remain in charge of their assets.


The main idea behind cryptocurrencies was to make people no longer dependent on intermediaries. This notion also informs our operations. As opposed to other brokers, SATOS does not manage the assets of its customers.


Creating a Ripple wallet is a straightforward process and can be completed within no time! Your wallet allows you to have complete control over your Ripple! How cool is that?

What should I keep in mind when buying Ripple?

The pricing of Ripple (XRP) is extremely volatile. It is not unusual for exchange rates to soar or crash by a couple of percentage points over a single day. Be aware of the risks that investing in cryptocurrency entails. Also, the enormous rate increases from the past do not offer any guarantees for future surges.

Despite Ripple's controversial reputation (due to it being a platform aimed at banks and payment providers), it has managed to obtain an impressive track record. Multiple banking companies have joined the project as a client, often to test Ripple’s services. The future of Ripple is not guaranteed. Do consider potential investments in this light. It’s a high-risk investment, with high potential profits to be had.

If you consider Ripple's net market value, you will notice that it has been performing well for quite a while now. The coin has firmly nestled itself in the crypto top three. Do keep in mind that the company still has great strides to take. The competition is getting fiercer as well. More and more banks start to experiment with cryptocurrency. Some even announced that they are developing their own native coins. Therefore, we advise you to research the opportunities thoroughly before you decide to invest in Ripple.

Why do people use SATOS to buy Ripple?


Transactions are processed instantaneously (also weekends)


SATOS has been active as a crypto broker for more than five years.


We offer our customers live support through chat, over the phone, and by email, seven days per week.


SATOS ensures that your cryptocurrencies always remain in your own hands.


Complete payments in no time with iDEAL, Bancontact, or SEPA.


We have no hidden fees when you buy your ripple at SATOS. What you see is what you get.

How long will it take before I receive my Ripple order?

We strive to transfer your order to your wallet within 15 minutes. We are, however, still dependent on banks and the blockchain. Are you a first-time customer at SATOS? Then we will first have to verify your bank account. This only takes a few minutes.

Is there a minimum amount of Ripple that I have to buy?

You can place your order from EUR 50 and up. Above this amount, the delivery charges become more proportional when taking the purchase sum into account.

Is there a limit to the amount of Ripple that I can buy?

No, you can buy as much Ripple as you like. The only restriction we enforce at SATOS is a transaction limit of EUR 10,000 per transaction. The number of consecutive transactions you can complete is unlimited.

Which payment methods does SATOS also accept?

Besides IDEAL, we also accept payment through Bancontact, Belfius, and SEPA.

Can I also use a credit card to buy Ripple?

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer this option. We do hope to implement this feature at a later stage.

What are the costs of buying Ripple through SATOS?

SATOS charges a 1.5% fee over the purchase sum. We use this fee to, among others, cover the delivery charges and transaction costs.

Can I buy Ripple anonymously through SATOS?

No, we are required by law to request your details when placing an order. Read our KYC / AML policy for more information.

What does SATOS use my personal data for?

Privacy is a key concern for us. If you want to find out more about our handling of personal data, please have a look at our privacy policy page.

Can you transfer my Ripple order directly to an exchange?

As can be read in our terms of use, we can unfortunately not guarantee that your cryptocurrency will arrive if you send it directly to an exchange. We therefore recommend that you always use your own wallet. If you decide to use a wallet address from an exchange, keep in mind that it can sometimes take a little longer before your order is on the exchange in your wallet. Exchanges generally wait for a number of confirmations from the network before they adjust your balance.

Should I use my own bank account to buy Ripple?

Yes, you should! You have to use your own bank account unless you have someone else's written approval to use his/her bank account. In this case, please contact us in advance.

I would like to pay for my order with a business account. Is this possible?

Of course, this is indeed possible. You should be aware though that the tax authorities will then consider your purchase a business investment. For more information about cryptocurrency and taxes, we kindly refer you to our dedicated tax page.

I need assistance; what is the most convenient way to reach you?

We are available seven days per week, either through the live chat, by phone, or through email or social media. You can reach us from 10 AM to 9 PM. We will assist you with any possible questions you may have. Before you send us a message, we recommend you to have a look at our support-page.

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