How to buy Bitcoin

Do you need help buying Bitcoin? No problem, we stand ready to assist! Every day, SATOS strives to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as simple as possible. After all, trading concerns your money, which is why it is vital that you are well informed and act safely. You can reach our team through the live chat, located at the bottom of this page.

What is the best way to buy Bitcoin using SATOS?

Step 1 – Create a Bitcoin wallet

SATOS has tried to make buying Bitcoin as easy as possible for you. For instance, you do not need to create a SATOS account to trade with us. The only things you will need to buy Bitcoin from us are a Bitcoin wallet and enough money on your bank account to pay for your order. You need a Bitcoin wallet to be able to receive the Bitcoin you have bought from us. You can compare a Bitcoin wallet to a digital bank account, with the caveat that you have complete control over it.

Step 2 – Place a Bitcoin order

Placing an order is straightforward once you have obtained a Bitcoin wallet. The only thing you need to do is to enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy from SATOS. We will then provide you with a real-time exchange rate to show you how much your purchase will cost in euros. Click on ‘Place order’ if you agree with the proposed rate. The only information we require of you in the next screen is your email address and your Bitcoin recipient address (the address displayed in your Bitcoin wallet).

Step 3 – Paying for your Bitcoin

Next up is paying for the reserved Bitcoins. SATOS allows payments through iDEAL, Bancontact, or SEPA. We do advise the use of iDEAL if possible, as it is the fastest payment method. Once you have paid for your order, we will safely reserve your coins and prepare them for depositing. You can now specify the wallet address you want to send your coins to.

Step 4 – Verification 

Alas, even SATOS is obligated to follow up on verification procedures as after you have placed your order, we will ask you to briefly verify yourself. We will thoroughly explain our verification procedures on your personal transaction page as well as indicating which procedures apply to you. Do not fret, it is not rocket science and if you are curious about what our verification procedures are you can always check our current verification methods. Once you have handed in the specified verifications, our compliance team will do their best to quickly assess and verify your documents, after which they will process your order as soon as possible.

Up-to-date with our verifications? Then we will process orders to known addresses almost instantly!

Do you need help buying Bitcoin? No problem, we stand ready to assist! Every day, SATOS strives to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as simple as possible. After all, trading concerns your money, which is why it is vital that you are well informed and act safely. You can reach our team through the live chat, located at the bottom of this page.

At what price rate should I buy Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuates heavily, even on a single day. It is almost necessary to have nerves of steel when buying Bitcoin. Before you start buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is vital that you are aware of the risks it entails. The mere fact that the Bitcoin rate has skyrocketed in the past does not provide any guarantees for the future.

It's best to regard Bitcoin as a promising startup. Bitcoin carries enormous potential, but as of now, nothing is certain yet. Even though we have already witnessed a couple of significant Bitcoin hypes, we shouldn't forget that the coin has only been around for ten years. And although there are massive profits to be had, the same can be said of the risks. Therefore, you should only invest with money that you could do without.

At this moment, Bitcoin is still by far the most popular coin on the crypto market. It boasts an unmatched user base and also offers the largest network of all cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, alternatives are rapidly popping up. It is hardly a fact that Bitcoin will still be the most popular coin ten years from now. If you are planning to buy Bitcoin, it is advisable to keep yourself informed about all these developments. And even though it may seem unlikely that Bitcoin will ever be dethroned, it is also far from impossible.

Why do people buy Bitcoin?

  • People invest in Bitcoin because of the enormous rate fluctuations. You can win a lot of money in no time, but you can also lose as much! Always check the current Bitcoin price rate before you buy Bitcoins.
  • People opt for Bitcoin because it allows them to make payments independent from banks and other financial institutions.
  • People also buy Bitcoins because it was the first decentralised cryptocurrency; it launched in 2009. And indeed, Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency available.
  • Bitcoin also remains a popular choice because it boasts by far the largest user base of all cryptocurrencies.
  • Buying Bitcoin has become fast and easy nowadays, also due to platforms like SATOS allowing iDEAL-payments.
  • Finally, people invest in Bitcoin because it has the most decentralised blockchain with the highest number of participating nodes.

Always use your own Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin stands for financial sovereignty: the belief that people should be in charge of their own assets. At SATOS, we agree with this vision. Therefore, we have chosen not to manage any of our clients’ credits. We consider it essential that our customers own their own wallets, and that they retain complete control over their well-deserved savings. Are you not yet in possession of a Bitcoin wallet? Creating a wallet is simple and can be arranged in no time! We explain this process step-by-step on our Bitcoin wallet page.

What are some of the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

  • Bitcoin was launched with the purpose of creating an independent payment method. It aimed to become an alternative to money issued by state institutions. Ethereum, however, acts as a decentralised platform that hosts applications. 
  • In contrast to Ethereum, Bitcoin has set a limit to the number of coins that will ultimately be issued. This limit amounts to 21 million coins. The maximum amount of ethers that will be released has never been stipulated. Hence, the currency will forever expand.
  • Bitcoin also currently processes transactions less fast than Ethereum. The Bitcoin blockchain can currently handle about seven transactions per second. Ethereum's blockchain can process about fifteen transactions per second.
  • Finally, Bitcoin has already proved its value as a niche payment network on the financial markets. Ethereum, however, is still in an earlier stage of development. It remains dependent on the development of applications on the platform. 

Why do people use SATOS to buy Bitcoin?

  • Speed: transactions are processed nearly instantaneously (also during weekends)
  • Reliable: SATOS has more than five years of experience buying and selling Bitcoin
  • Support: SATOS offers live assistance and support through chat and social media, seven days a week!
  • Secure: you will always remain in charge of your own crypto assets
  • Straightforward: we offer fast and secure payment with iDEAL, Bancontact, and SEPA

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Can I also sell Bitcoin at SATOS?

Yes, certainly! SATOS offers both selling and buying services for Bitcoin. If you want to sell Bitcoins and receive euros in return, you will only need to send your coins to the address we provide you with. As soon as we have received the Bitcoins, we will transfer your payment to your bank account!

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