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How to buy Bitcoin Cash

Do you experience difficulties placing an order? SATOS stands ready to assist! Our support team is available seven days per week to answer all your questions. We work every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. After all, buying and selling Bitcoin Cash involves real money, which also necessitates excellent service. You can access our live chat at the bottom of this page.

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Step 1 – Create a Bitcoin Cash wallet

One of our priorities is to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as straightforward as possible. This thought also informed our decision not to require you to register on our website. It quickens the process and is in line with the fundamental purpose of cryptocurrencies. The only thing you need to do to purchase Bitcoin Cash through us is to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet. You will need a wallet to receive the Bitcoin Cash that you ordered. Consider it some type of digital bank account, with the caveat that you are in complete control of it.

Step 2 – Place a Bitcoin Cash order

After you have obtained a Bitcoin Cash wallet, placing an order through SATOS becomes a piece of cake. On the first screen, you only need to fill in the amount of Bitcoin Cash that you like to purchase. We will then provide you with a real-time exchange rate applicable to your order. Do you agree with the proposed rate? Then click on ‘Place order’ to proceed to the next step. During the next step, we will ask you for your email address and your Bitcoin Cash recipient address. You can find the latter in the Bitcoin Cash wallet you created during step 1 (in case you did not have a wallet already).

Step 3 – Buying Bitcoin Cash with iDEAL

The final step consists of paying for your order! We will send you your Bitcoin Cash as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment. We have also tried to make payments as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay for your order with iDEAL, Bancontact, or SEPA. Are you using iDEAL? Then the Bitcoin Cash will nearly instantaneously appear in your wallet upon completion of the payment process. That's all! Quite straightforward, right? Within five minutes, you can become the owner of your very first cryptocurrencies.

Why do see value in Bitcoin Cash?

  • People purchase Bitcoin Cash because the project offers a possible solution to the blockchain scalability problem.
  • The relatively high number of transactions per second the blockchain can handle makes Bitcoin Cash a popular investment option.
  • It's also an attractive investment because the exchange rate fluctuates tremendously every day. There's much profit to be had, but it's just as easy to lose money.
  • People also invest in Bitcoin Cash because of the involvement of Roger Ver in the project.
  • Buying Bitcoin Cash is attractive because it may become the future's primary means of payment.
  • People also buy Bitcoin Cash because it is one of the most significant projects in terms of net market value.

Remain in charge of your own Bitcoin Cash wallet

The crypto revolution started on the premise that people should be in charge of their own money. A Bitcoin Cash wallet allows you to manage your assets autonomously, without any interference from intermediaries. We find it essential that people understand the value of retaining complete control over their fortunes. Creating a Bitcoin Cash wallet only takes a few minutes, but the advantages are momentous. On our Bitcoin Cash wallet page, we describe step-by-step how you can obtain your own wallet.

What are some of the differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin?

  • The main difference between the two is the block size. Bitcoin Cash blocks are currently 32 MB in size, whereas Bitcoin blocks only amount to 1 MB.
  • Bitcoin Cash is currently able to process approximately 120 transactions per second. The Bitcoin blockchain only processes seven transactions each second.
  • The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is now 167 GB in size, which is quite a bit smaller than the Bitcoin blockchain, which currently weighs 253 GB.
  • Bitcoin Cash currently also has fewer active users. There are about 32,000 active Bitcoin Cash addresses, whereas there are nearly 690,000 regular Bitcoin addresses.

Why do people use SATOS to buy Bitcoin Cash?

  • Speed: your order will appear in your wallet within fifteen minutes.
  • Reliable: SATOS has been the #1 cryptocurrency broker of the Netherlands for more than five years now.
  • Support: the SATOS support team is available seven days per week to support our customers.
  • Secure: you always remain in charge of your own assets at SATOS.
  • Straightforward: SATOS allows convenient payment, through iDEAL, Bancontact and SEPA.

We appreciate our customers’ feedbacks! Here’s what some of our customers say about our work Trustpilot.

What should I keep in mind when buying Bitcoin Cash?

Like with every investment, it's vital that you first do your research before you allocate your hard-earned money to a project. This holds even more for cryptocurrencies, due to the considerable daily rate fluctuations in the Bitcoin Cash price. So, before you purchase Bitcoin Cash, it's crucial that you get up to speed on this project.

Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin split-off that amended the Bitcoin protocol in some crucial ways. The main difference between the two is the block size of the respective blockchains. The Bitcoin Cash blocks are much larger, which means that they can store more transactions. However, the main issue here is that this blockchain will expand much faster than the Bitcoin blockchain when the blocks are used at full capacity. There are both pros and cons to increasing the block size. Time will tell which solution to the scalability problem will come out on top. Still, results achieved in the past offer no guarantees for the future.

But right now, Bitcoin Cash is one of the largest cryptocurrencies available in terms of net market value. Whether this trend will continue is dependent on a variety of factors, which makes it difficult to predict. We advise you to read up on the solution Bitcoin Cash offers to the blockchain scalability problem and to compare this method with other solutions, as this will help you form your own opinion. There's a slight chance that Bitcoin Cash will dethrone Bitcoin at some point, but this is not the case yet.

Can I also sell Bitcoin Cash at SATOS?

SATOS also offers cryptocurrency selling services. So indeed, it's certainly possible to sell Bitcoin Cash to us. The only thing we need from you is your bank account and the Bitcoin Cash that you would like to sell. We will take care of the rest!

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How long does it take before I receive my Bitcoin Cash order?

Usually, your SATOS order will appear in your wallet within fifteen minutes. When processing your request, however, we are still dependent on banks and the traffic on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Are you a first-time customer at SATOS? Then we will first have to verify your bank account. This only takes a couple of minutes.

Is there a minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash that I have to buy?

You can place your order from EUR 50 and up. Above this amount, the delivery charges no longer significantly influence the rate we offer for your purchase order.

Is there a limit to the amount of Bitcoin Cash that I can buy?

No, but SATOS does have a transaction limit of EUR 10,000. The number of transactions you can complete is unlimited, however.

Which payment methods does SATOS also accept?

Besides IDEAL, we also accept payment through Bancontact and Belfius. Would you rather pay using wire transfer? Then you can select the ‘SEPA’ option.

Can I purchase Bitcoin Cash with my credit card?

No, we do not offer this option yet. We do plan to implement this in the future.

What are the costs of buying Bitcoin Cash through SATOS?

SATOS charges a 1.5% fee over your purchase. This also includes delivery and transaction costs.

Can I buy Bitcoin Cash anonymously through SATOS?

No, legislation obliges us to request some of your details when placing an order. Read our KYC / AML policy for more information.

What does SATOS use my personal data for?

We highly value the privacy of our customers. If you want to find out more about our handling of personal data, please have a look at our privacy policy page.

Can you transfer my Bitcoin Cash order directly to a cryptocurrency exchange?

As can be read in our terms of use, we can unfortunately not guarantee that your cryptocurrency will arrive if you send it directly to an exchange. We therefore recommend that you always use your own wallet. If you decide to use a wallet address from an exchange, keep in mind that it can sometimes take a little longer before your order is on the exchange in your wallet. Exchanges generally wait for a number of confirmations from the network before they adjust your balance.

Should I use my own bank account to buy Bitcoin Cash?

This is the most efficient option, indeed. If you opt to use someone else's bank account, we do require written approval in advance before we can accept the payment. In this case, in this case, contact us in advance.

I would like to pay for my order with a business account. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. Do keep in mind that this may influence the treatment of your purchase regarding taxes. Purchases made from a business account are considered business investments.

I need assistance; what is the most convenient way to reach you?

We are available seven days per week from 10 AM to 10 PM, either through the live chat (see bottom of the page), by phone, or through email or social media! Always first check our support-page to ensure that your question has not already been asked before.

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