Ripple price analysis

The Ripple (XRP) value is in constant flux

On this page you will find the current and historical pricing of XRP (XRP is the coin of the Ripple protocol). You can also play around with the time frames to find earlier rate fluctuations. Is this the right moment to buy XRP, or should you be selling XRP?  How do you make this assessment? And where does XRP derive its value from? On this page, we will provide you with some valuable insight concerning these questions. We will also briefly discuss Ripple's price history. The cool thing about cryptocurrencies is that you can trade them whenever you want. The market is always open, and there are always things happening. On the one hand, this is very inviting, but it can also be extremely stressful. When you are just a beginner, it may be tempting to keep checking the current rate. Try to find a balance in this. We can guarantee you that crypto never becomes boring! If you're interested in how you can read Ripple (XRP) graphs, visit our designated how to read cryptocurrency charts page. 

Why does Ripple carry it's price?

The XRP exchange rate is the product of a game of supply and demand that takes place at online exchange markets. Investors gather on these markets to buy ripple and sell ripple. Did the exchange rate increase today? Then demand for XRP tokens outstripped supply and vice versa. It seems very straightforward, but actually, it is complicated to predict exchange rates. You now know a little bit about how the exchange rate functions, but where does XRP derive its value from? Why do people invest in XRP? 

What do opponents of Ripple argue?

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, the Ripple protocol remains quite the odd man out. Bitcoin was initially envisioned as an alternative to the traditional monetary system, which is controlled by banks and governments. In contrast, Ripple acts as a protocol that allows banks to process international transactions faster and cheaper. It focuses on improving banking services, which sharply contrasts with the ideals that precipitated the rise of cryptocurrencies. Hence, it should come as no surprise that a fair share of the crypto community opposes Ripple and carries no warm feelings for the project.

The company behind the XRP token is also rumoured to possess about 60% of the total number of tokens. If the company releases all these tokens, it will inevitably drive the price of the coin down. Therefore, it seems quite logical that the company has not yet made this step, but eventually, it will have to succumb to this measure.

What do proponents of Ripple argue?

Opponents base their arguments against the XRP token on the premise that the coin violates the ideals of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In principle, it hardly serves as an argument against the token's value. It may lead to a big part of the community never adopting this coin, but despite the resistance, XRP has proven to be quite the success story up until now. 

Cooperation with several major banks

The Ripple protocol aims to make transactions between banks more straightforward. Consider that you are based in Germany and want to wire money to a family member in South Africa. Your German bank will first have to convert the euros to dollars and then transfer these dollars to the bank in South Africa. This bank will subsequently exchange your dollars to the local Rand currency before the amount appears on the bank account of your family member. It is a relatively long and costly process. It also involves costs for the banks, which are ultimately passed on to consumers. The Ripple protocol wants to make this process cheaper and faster by convincing them to use XRP as a reserve currency. Your bank would then buy XRP, send it to the bank in South Africa, and finally exchange the XRP to the local currency. This way, there are far fewer parties involved. The transaction speed and costs of using the Ripple protocol are also much lower in comparison.

Furthermore, several banks are already cooperating with Ripple, which provides the project with much additional legitimacy. One of the banks Ripple works with is the Spanish BBVA banking group, with a net worth of approximately 60 billion dollars. At the end of 2017, Ripple also announced a deal with American Express. The agreement with the large American financial services corporation was set up to help Ripple develop the payment network of the future. The Ripple project must indeed carry great potential when massive players like BBVA and American Express place their trust in it. It is a telltale sign of the project's ultimate value.

A firm top-3 contender 

What's also of interest, is the brand value and reputation Ripple built up throughout the years. The company was launched in 2012, and its coin was already up for sale in 2013. The cooperation statements with several payment providers have undoubtedly boosted the coin's value. The XRP token has nowadays become an integral part of the cryptocurrency top 3. Ripple is rightly considered one of the most significant projects of the crypto industry. It has even managed to overtake Ethereum's second spot a couple of times.

The value of cryptocurrencies remains an exciting topic of discussion. Many projects are still in an early stage of development, which makes it difficult to predict the outcome of the crypto revolution. Ripple's future certainly looks bright with its many prestigious partnerships. But risks are still lurking, as more and more banks start to experiment with their own crypto coins. Is this the right moment to start buying? It's a decision only you can make. We hope that this page has provided you with a bit more insight concerning Ripple’s pricing. Do you still have any questions about buying or selling XRP? Then you can always contact our live support.

The Price History of Ripple

The XRP token has already been around for a while. Since the start of trading in 2013, it has already endured substantial price fluctuations. This has also led the media to often include the coin in their news stories. We have listed a couple of highlights for you here, to allow you to have a better look at the Ripple price history so far. It reveals that we have only witnessed the start of the entire crypto revolution and that the market is still in constant flux.

August 2013 – first Ripple exchange rate

Perhaps it is now difficult to imagine, but XRP was initially priced at just over half a dollar cent. If you had invested back then and had kept the coin up until now, you would have made quite some profit.

September 2013 – rate reaches one dollar cent mark

The first highlight occurred in September 2013, when the coin's price crossed the $0.01 mark. It would eventually become the first of many successes for XRP.

December 2013 – XRP rate becomes parabolic

The token's launch year became one of its most successful years. The XRP rate skyrocketed in December and reached a value of $0.05. 2014 was more difficult for Ripple, as the coin struggled to stabilise until the end of the year.

April 2017 – total XRP net worth over 1 billion dollar

At the beginning of April, Ripple announced partnerships with several major banks, including the Spanish BBVA banking group. The rate soared to a new record high of $0.07. The project's net worth also crossed the 1 billion dollar threshold.

December 2017 - January 2018 – massive bull run and new XRP record high

The year 2017, as well as the first month of 2018, became somewhat of a golden era for the entire crypto market. It also marked the best period for the XRP token. In January 2018 the project reached a new record high of $3.84. A stellar rate indeed, especially given the fact that the coin could be bought in 2013 for only half a dollar cent.

The graph on top of this page displays the current exchange rate. At the time of writing, the crypto market starts to rebound a bit after the long crypto winter. The XRP exchange rate has also been going up lately. We hope that this information has been of value to you and that it helps you make a well-informed decision on whether or not to invest in Ripple. Always keep in mind that you should do your comprehensive research as well, and do not let yourself be carried away by emotions. That being said, there is plenty of more to read! Read more about the Bitcoin price, Ethereum price, Litecoin price and the Bitcoin Cash price