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Buy and sell cryptocurrency

At Europe's top rated cryptocurrency trading platform.

Buy and sell cryptocurrency

At Europe's top rated cryptocurrency trading platform.

Your keys, your coins

Buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from your own wallet.
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Your keys, your coins

At SATOS, you can use your own digital wallet to trade quickly, securely, and reliably. We'll help you obtain a wallet and explain how you can send and receive crypto.

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Placing an order takes less than a minute. Our average processing time is 15 minutes. Are you a first-time customer? Then we will have to verify your bank account after completing your first order, which may cause a bit of delay.

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Security first

We developed SATOS with a ‘security-first’ mentality in mind. We gladly share the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years with our customers.

We appreciate our customers’ feedbacks!
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Stay in charge of your own crypto

At SATOS you buy and sell cryptocurrency from your own wallet. We therefore do not manage our customers' funds. We want to represent the decentralized nature of Bitcoin.

Why complicate matters? You don't need to create an account at SATOS. We care about your security.

Never share your private keys with anyone. You also wouldn't hand the keys of your front door to a stranger, would you?

Directly trade from your own wallet; you remain in charge of your money. The way it should be.

SATOS highly values the privacy of its customers. Feel free to ask us which types of data we store. It’s your right.

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Frequently asked questions
List of most asked questions on SATOS.

SATOS is a cryptocurrency purchase and selling portal launched in 2013, known for its service-first mentality. We aimed to offer a solution to the lengthy and opaque process that buying and selling cryptocurrencies initially amounted to. For instance, back in the days, it was challenging to verify whether a payment had come through in orderly fashion, or to find out when you would receive your purchased cryptocurrency. Customer service was also far from an established concept back then. We were convinced we could ease this process. We coupled our drive to provide ease of access with the SATOS philosophy, which entails that everyone should remain in charge of their own crypto funds. As such, SATOS started to develop a business model to make buying and selling cryptocurrency secure and convenient for everyone. During the six years of our existence, we managed to gain much experience. Now, SATOS shares this experience with its customers, to contribute to a greater understanding of crypto, and to allow them to trade in cryptocurrencies with self-assurance and full independence. Do you have any questions as a customer? SATOS offers live support to assist you, twelve hours per day. 

Our company name, SATOS, is derived from the pseudonym used to publish the Bitcoin white paper: Satoshi Nakamoto. We opted for this as our starting point because Satoshi Nakamoto describes our vision well. He argued that Bitcoin's purpose is to help people manage their own assets and allow for autonomous transactions, without the need for third parties to get involved. This vision informs all of our operations at SATOS. We do not manage any user accounts, we do not hide any fees, and we do not offer on-site cryptocurrency wallets. This means that as a customer, you can use any wallet that you prefer. You will only have to provide us with its address, and we will transfer the cryptocurrencies to you. In other words: be your own bank! Now, even though we consider it vital for you to manage your assets, we gladly offer our assistance to help you with this. If you experience any difficulties creating a wallet, for example, feel free to get in touch with our support team by using live-support at the bottom of this page! They will answer any questions you may have.

During our six years of existence, we have not only gained plenty of trading experience, but we also analysed our clients’ expectations. We found out that accessibility, speed, safety, and a secure environment are much appreciated. We work every day to improve these aspects. For instance, we offer accessibility through our live support, which is available twelve hours per day, seven days a week. You can reach us over the phone, through social media, e-mail, or using the live chat. We also keep a keen eye on the speed of our services. On average, we process orders within ten minutes. We will continuously keep you informed of the current status of your order. Concerning safety, we always attempt to operate in line with the overall crypto philosophy. This means that as a customer, you will always remain in charge of your own cryptocurrency assets. You can use your own wallet with us. This way, you are no longer dependent on us for the safe storage of your funds; you can implement whatever safety precautions you'd like. And of course, we can also assist you in this process. The SATOS portal gives you easy access to several cryptocurrencies and allows you, for example, to buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin or gather information in our cryptocurrency knowledgebase

We believe that it’s necessary to gain a good reputation before you can lay claim to ‘reliability’. By now, more than 40,000 customers have either purchased or sold cryptocurrencies through SATOS, and more than 1,000 customers have left their feedback on our portal.

The SATOS exchange platform operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week. SATOS is also available and accessible during holidays when most companies and government institutions are closed. We offer live support 12 hours per day, seven days a week. You can contact us through phone, social media, e-mail or by using the live chat at the bottom of the page.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that represent a particular value, just like with regular currencies. They are based on blockchain technology. One of the main differences with ‘regular’ currencies is that the euros that appear on your bank account are essentially just a depiction of the bank's digital administration. Cryptocurrencies stored in your cryptocurrency wallet are genuinely yours; no one else may lay claim to it. Cryptocurrencies derive their value from a game of supply and demand. This supply and demand mechanic is, in turn, driven by a wide range of factors. Self-evidently, it matters what the blockchain project (which issues cryptocurrencies) is envisaging or ultimately developing. The overall market sentiment also plays into the mix, just like with ordinary currencies. Are there, for instance, any significant ongoing developments concerning crypto legislation, or is there a blockchain project with a promising future? In such cases, you can expect this to influence the game of supply and demand and affect the value of the cryptocurrency.

At the moment, SATOS buys and sells Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Would you like us to add another cryptocurrency to this list? Then please submit your request to us!

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